Things that every home user can do to help keep their PC running at optimal performance.

You wouldn't trust your car with just anyone. Why would you with your computer? Your computer holds your most valuable digital documents: pictures, documents, emails, contacts, personal files and music to name a few. Keeping this data protected can be a challenge in today’s world. While we recommend having your PC professionally tuned-up at least once a year, there is some maintenance that you can do at home to help keep your PC at optimal performance.
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I have a Facebook page, why do I need a website?

Only half of your potential business is using Facebook.
There are an estimated 1.04 billion daily users on Facebook with 16.4% residing in the USA and Canada. This leaves 170.6 million active users out of 313.9 million Internet users in North America. While 54.3% of the population using Facebook is no small number, it is still only half of your potential business.
Having a website provides the possibility to double your exposure. And your business!
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Will I win a trip if I like or comment on a Facebook post?

As Dwight Schrute would say, "False!"
We see these posts in our Facebook feeds every day. They offer all expense paid trips anywhere in the world or, for the first time in company history, two brand new Range Rovers. All you are required to do is comment or like the post and your name will be entered into the draw. You could be one of those lucky winners!
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When is it time for a new website?

Some business change their websites on a yearly basis to get a fresh look to attract and keep their customers. Other businesses have had the same website for the last ten years. There is no definitive answer. There are some things to keep in mind when looking at your current website. Could your website use an updated look? How does your website look on a phone or tablet? Could your website be bringing in more business?
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"Canada Revenue" email scams

We live in a world where people try to scam others out of their hard earned money.
One common time to try these scams is during tax season, when a person already feels vulnerable at the mercy of the government to approve their return or request an audit. Be assured that the Canada Revenue Agency will not send you emails requesting additional information or more money.
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