Custom Websites

Custom Website

At inTechrity Business Solutions, we craft beautiful looking websites to meet your business needs.

We take a multi-step approach to ensure that your website reflects your business, brand and expectations.

We call this our 4D approach: Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver.


Our first step is to identify your needs and understand your target market.

Throughout the development lifecycle, this is our blueprint for your website's success.

We use this step to ensure ultimate satisfaction for you... and your customers.


Our second step is to design a rough layout using wire-framing.

We consider the appearance of the page layouts and make sure that your customers are able to maneuver your website without frustration.

Crafting a beautiful website for you is just one of our aspirations. Providing your business with a positive return on investment, and a pleasant experience for your customers, is our ultimate goal.


With our third step, our programmers push the boundaries on what can be accomplished.

They take the "blueprints" from the first 2 D's and transform them into a beautiful, interactive and functional website.

As the development lifecycle is an iterative process, we re-assess and work out the fine details.


Our final stage is to release your website to the world.

Your website is a never tiring employee. Working 24/7/365 to provide information and services... Growing your business.

We will provide you with tools to inform you of your websites performance. Ensuring value, for years to come.